Golden Bear-Self Storage

1650 Sixth Street  .  Berkeley, CA 94710

Storage Access Hours: 10am - 5pm
Office Hours: 10am - 6pm
Closed Major Holidays

Storage Boxes

storage supplies
  • Small Box — 16x12x12
    Suitable for books, records, and other small, heavy items
  • Medium Box — 18x18x16
    Suitable for small items which require packing material, such as dishes and glasses
  • Large Box — 18x18x24
    Suitable for bulkier items and delicate valuables which require packing material
  • Extra Large Box — 22x22x21.5
    Suitable for linens, towels, and any other folded fabric which takes up a lot of space
  • Wardrobe Box — 24x20x46
    Comes with a crossbar so you can hang closet contents in the box without wrinkling them
  • Glass/Wine Box — (24x12x12)
    Double paned; comes with partitions; suitable for glasses or wine bottles
  • Electronic Box — 20x20x12
    Double paned; suitable for vcr's, dvd players, stereos, cable boxes
  • Mirror/Art Box — 24x5x18
  • File Box — 15x12x10
  • Tall Box — 12x12x48